Yellow Speed Racing YSR Premium Competition Coilovers Mazda RX-8

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Premium Competition Coilovers

Yellow Speed Racing’s Premium Competition coilovers are designed and developed for use in most motorsports. Through years of competition and testing, we have made uncountable improvements in setup for racing use in order to provide the most durable and competitive damper. Spring rates and shock valving are made for competition to make the vehicle more controlled and balanced.


The Premium Competition coilovers features 33-way dampening adjustment and full length adjustment to accommodate every driver?s needs. The lower mounts are manufactured from lightweight alloy aluminium to reduce unsprung weight. The pillow ball top mounts are used on McPherson struts for maximum handling and performance.


From dust covers to replacement struts we have spare parts to refurbish or repair your coilover should the need ever arise. `


Premium Competition coilovers have an adjustable ride-height between 50mm-100mm depending on application. For those looking to go even lower then the Super Low coilover is the one for you.


We want Yellow Speed Racing coilovers to be a manufacturer you can depend on. That’s why the Dynamic Pro Sports come with an 24 month limited warranty which guarantees against defects from materials and workmanship.


Yellow Speed Racing has been giving race spec vehicles the platform to win races and compete in the highest levels of motorsport through their suspension systems.

Please note: Premium Competition coilovers are NOT for road use. 2-3 Week Lead Time.