Walton Motorsport Mazda 13b Exhaust Manifold (RX7 FC)

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  • Carefully selected 304 Stainless steel tube. Working to eliminate the risk of material failure.
  • Fully Purged welded. Subsequently improving gas flow leading to increases in power and lowered response times.
  • 54.76 Internal Diameter Tube tapering into T3 or V band Flange
  • Suited for Garrett GTX30/35 and G25-G30 sized turbos
  • Curved wastegate port design developed with leading engine tuners to allow high control and remove boost creep.
  • 50mm Wastegate Flange
  • High Wastegate priority allowing for precise turbo control.
  • Fully Smoothed Head Ports designed to optimize gas flow. As a result, providing an increase in power and lowered response times.
  • Optimized for use with Turbosmart Gen-V Progate 50 Wastegates.