Nissan Skyline R32 GTS Lock kit

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71 degrees.

Kit is fully adjustable:
1-fully adjustable ackermann
2-adjustable bumps (eccentric bushings)
3-fully adjustable camber

Kit include:
-8 chromoly heavy duty ptfe uniballs
-4 Ball bearings for upper arms
-2 knuckles
-2 lower arms with strong ball joints
-2 upper arms
-1 custom made subframe
-2 upper relocators of coilovers
-2 tie rods with tie rods ends
-1 ackermann kit (24 locking polates)
-4 pair of rack's clamps (3 different diameters + driver side)
-2 brand new wheel hubs from 350Z
- set of bolts

For every S-BODY and R-BODY nissans you can choose subframe:
S13 (CA18DET)
S14 (SR20DET)
R32 (RB20DET)
R33 (RB25DET)