Motordrive Bucket Seat Pro 2

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The Race range has built in solid side head protection with the same high side support as the Endurance seat. The Race has the additional benefit of a more tailored design to match the shape of the body ensuring optimal comfort. The Race range comes in various fabrications to make sure we can manufacture a seat bespoke to your needs. FIA homologated Each seat will have an initial homologation valid for a minimum of 5 years which can be extended.

5 or 6 point harness compatible Available in various cloth materials including our new rock breathable fabric Manufactured in Composite, Hybrid or Carbon. Carbon homologated shell weight of 6.45 kilos Option of personalised embroidery Motordrive was founded over 30 years ago by an international rally competitor who realized that the safety and comfort of the seats he was using was not up to the standard it should be.

These are one of only a very few seats that can claim to be COMPLETELY MADE IN THE UK. SAFETY, PERFORMANCE, FIT & STYLE All motordrive seats are FIA homologated and are available with custom fit to make sure that we offer a seat that is perfect for you _ whatever your shape and size. When choosing a seat it is vital that you choose a model that fits your size. Choosing an ill-fitting seat could mean that you are uncomfortable, could cause you to suffer pain in your back, shoulders or legs and in extreme circumstances could actually mean that you are not safe. For these reasons all of our seats are produced bespoke to the individual. You can either complete our online contact form or simply call us so we can talk through your requirements.

Alternatively you can visit us in Leyland for a hands on comprehensive fitting; either way we will work with you to determine the best model and fit of seat for you. There is no extra charge for this service, it_s just how we work to get the best for you.

At our showroom in Leyland we have available the full complement of motordrive seats to try, along with an experienced team who will tailor the internal padding of the seat to your shape and preference. We are also very happy to have you and your car visit us if you feel a trial fit of the seat in the car is something you would like. The personalisation doesn_t stop with the fit though. We offer a range of coloured finishes, both on the shell and on the cover and cushions, and we offer embroidery of names and logos on covers; you can see examples of our art work across the website.

All seats come in three shell fabrications:

Composite:  this seat is made mainly from fibre glass with some elements of composite material to give it extra strength. This is a quality seat that will perform well at all levels.

Hybrid: the next step up is the hybrid seat; this seat is carbon and kevlar and is 30% stiffer than the equivalent composite seat. You have much more feedback through your backside to feel what the car is doing, therefore enabling you to set your car up more accurately. The kevlar seat is also lighter than the equivalent composite seat.

Carbon: finally we have the full carbon seat; basically the ultimate. This seat is 15% stiffer again than the equivalent Kevlar seat and 45% stiffer than the equivalent composite seat giving total feedback as to how the car is behaving and therefore enabling the driver to achieve optimum set-up. The motordrive carbon seat shell (before foaming) is the lightest on the market.


2-3 Week Lead time.