JZ Top Mount Turbo kit

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We are super proud to finally offer this kit as a DIY option or to book in with ourselves

This listing is only Suitable as a bolt on kit for the following chassis;


We can build pipework to fit any other chassis, however this must be completed in house as these would be custom fit. This allows us to open this kit up for any JZ powered car. This on an estimate would add £500 to the installation costs

We offer various size of turbo options to go with this kit, along with forged engine options too allowing you to achieve all of your power goals 

Kit as standard comes with;

Garrett turbo - We consider these to be the best on the market at the moment, both for driveability and efficiency

      • GTX3076 Gen 2
      • GTX3080R Gen 2 (Our own custom built hybrid)
      • G30660
      • G30770
      • G30900
      • G351050

Walton Motorsport turbo manifold - These again we consider to be the best on the market, the welding on these manifolds should be considered artwork and they work perfectly everytime

Tial MVR44 External wastegate - Perfect boost control everytime.

IDX1050 Injectors - These injectors are a great addition to this kit, no fuelling/idle issues at lower power but plenty at the tap when requested

Fuel pressure regulator - we have 2 options for this completely based on power requirements

      • Sytech 1:1
      • Areomotive Extreme flow 13132

Bespoke Stainless pipework - This is 304 stainless TIG welded, I/C pipes, intake and Gate Fittings are all Back purged to ensure no sugar is present in these pipes. Downpipe and screamer are not purged.
Intercooler pipes and downpipe are 3” and screamer sized appropriately with the gate.
We always like to achieve a straw colour with all of our welds, however some blues and reds may be present.

Management - This was an important one for ourselves to get right, after trying many different options we have decided to use an ECU Master Black. This ECU for us does everything we could ever need. With many expansion options available and full DBW/Sequential fuel & spark. We deemed this to be the best option for ourselves while staying at a competitive price point.
Our kits feature as a Standard:

      • ECU Master Black, this comes with a basemap suitable to get the car running and up to temperature, we can recommend a handful of tuners around the country to map your car, but as every setup is different, we cannot provide a predefined tuned map
      • R8 style coils
      • Bosch Oil Pressure/temperature sensor
      • Bosch IAT
      • 4.9lsu Wideband
      • Bosch Wideband Knock sensors
      • Mac 3 port boost solenoid
      • Fully sequential Fuelling
      • Fully sequential Ignition
      • Fully supported DBW
      • Fully supported VVTi control
      • Expansions available for CAN lambda, Bosch DBW throttle, Fuel pressure sensor, and many more
      • Phoenix engine management’s newest style of modular harness, allowing you to make changes when you would like in the future. All connectors are DTM using Tefzel wire heatshrunk in Raychem RNF-100 that is then concentrically twisted. All plugs are new and no solder joints are used. This ensures the health of the loom for years to come, giving you a piece of mind for the reliability going forward.

Walbro 450 fuel pump - As a drop in solution for any chassis, for the bigger power specifications we will offer a Hellcat 600

4” K&N Airfilter - Washable and perfect for any setup

All the associated lines and fittings - Meaning this is a genuine bolt on kit, we are here to help you bolt your kits on with support and instructions throughout the process of installation and running. All AN style lines can be assembled in house when requested

We will also offer a heat management package from Funk motorsport, it’s almost a cardinal sin to cover up that absolutely gorgeous Walton manifold, but when track conditions are considered it definitely makes sense to keep everything cool. This will include:

    • Turbo blanket
    • Wastegate blanket
    • Heat wrap for Manifold, downpipe and screamer
    • Gold shielding for the turbo lines,
    • Gold reflective tape for surrounding areas of the bay, and option for the Charge and intake pipes from the turbo.

This Kit allows you to take your JZ powered vehicle to the next level. With targets of power starting at 450bhp and taking you upwards of 850bhp when applicable. We can’t wait to see and hear your car tearing it up. Whether it be the track or wherever you may please

Paired with our BMW gearbox package I feel this is all you would ever need for            reliability and speed.

We hope to hear from you



All power figures are estimates. 

For any chassis not listed, give us an email and we can discuss your build 

For the larger turbos the price for the Increased Fuel parts has been included 

All custom fitting in house may vary in price

We recommend this kit to be fitted by a professional