Driftworks 4 Arm Kit for Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - V2 Black

Driftworks 4 Arm Kit for Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - V2 Black

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This kit includes:

Driftworks Front Tension Rods - allow you to accurately set the caster angle of the front suspension and dramatically improve steering response and feel. They eliminate all the play that the hugee liquid filled OEM bushes suffer from. Choose from either the standard Driftworks items or the kinked Geomaster items that allow for more steering angle on drift cars with wide wheels.

Driftworks Rear Camber Arms -  with spherical bearings allow you to accurately set your rear camber. A must for any lowered car as the standard eccentric bolt doesn't allow enough adjustment. Correct alignment is essential for any car, be it to reduce tyre wear or dial in the perfect geometry for a fast road, track or drift setup.

Driftworks Rear Traction Rods - replace the standard non-adjustable Nissan part. They are the final adjustable arm needed on Nissan rear suspension set up. Adjusting this arm's length decides how much toe is given to the rear wheel under suspension compression. They also eliminate another of the unwanted standard rubber bushes from the rear suspension setup, once again contributing towards that perfect handling car.

Driftworks HICAS Eliminator - completely replaces the weak and problematic HICAS system. While the standard setup is adjustable, the HICAS rear wheel steering system makes the car unpredictable for fast road and track use. The next issue if you lock out the standard HICAS rack is that all of the original components are designed to use the rack as a 'damper', so all the under-sized and expensive OEM balljoints wear out quickly. The HICAS Eliminator replaces the entire system with heavy duty toe rods and brackets to convert the subframe to a non-HICAS style setup.

Optional: Front Camber Arms - allow you to accurately set the front camber angle, either to dial out excessive tyre wear or set your car to the perfect geometry settings for your application. They also replace the worn standard rubber bushes, dramatically improving suspension feel and response. Whatever you're doing with your car, they're an essential extra and allow you to get the car set up just right.